Dr. Moffatt is available for consultation concerning children, parenting, conflict resolution, marriage enrichment, and stress management, as well as staff development, violence risk assessment, and violence prevention. Seminars or other consultation may be arranged by phone or email.

Dr. Moffatt has addressed medical students, doctors, teachers, law enforcement, school administration, religious organizations, parents, therapists, and many other groups. Violence does not discriminate - it happens in all environments!


Repairing the damage of violence at work and school costs millions of dollars every year in legal fees, property damage, and lost worker hours. Even more frightening, violence costs people their mental health, their physical health, and often their lives.

Fee structure - Dr. Moffatt's fee for consultation is $250.00 per hour including travel time. Transportation, lodging, meals, and other expenses related to a given contract are in addition to the hourly fee. The hourly fee for court testimony and depositions is $500 per hour. A flat fee is charged for seminars regardless of the number of attendees. An exact quote will be provided at the time of contract. Cost for seminars varies depending on distance, travel time, logistics, and audience. Preference is given to nonprofit organizations.


Dr. Moffatt has worked with the FBI Behavioral Science Unit, Delta Airlines, US Airways, and Westinghouse Corporation, Mannington Carpets, the Tennessee Safety and Health Council, as well as many other businesses, churches, and schools. References are available on request.

Consultation Services - Improving relationships by teaching respect, developing integrity, providing services, and increasing knowledge base in order to provide a safe and productive environment.




In violence prevention
seminars, you will learn:

How can a "ticking bomb" be identified?

Who is the most likely victim of violence?

How does one protect his/her environment from violence?

What intervention can defuse a "ticking bomb"?

Here are some questions that are addressed in seminars:

What is a "disgruntled worker"?

How does domestic violence affect the workplace?

How do drugs and alcohol effect violence in the workplace?

What is "stalking" and is it a problem the HR manager should consider?

How do employee attendance and workman's compensation claims relate to risk assessment?

How can we protect ourselves and those around us?