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Written as a screenplay, this harrowing true-life story follows a young boy named Alfred from his quiet home in Hungary through the terrifying loss of his family to the Germans during World War II. Over a period of 15 months Alfred survives unspeakable horrors relying on his fellow inmates and his determination to survive.

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First his father is taken in the middle of the night, never to be seen again. Then he, his brothers, and his mother are sent to a ghetto and then eventually to Auschwitz where Alfred said goodbye to them all. Over a harrowing 15 months, Alfred survives starvation, disease, and deplorable conditions in the concentration camp with the help of his make-shift family of fellow inmates. As the war closes and the Germans begin their retreat, Alfred survives a 500 mile trek to yet another concentration camp. It is a story of the tragedy of war, but also the amazing endurance and hope when one has the will to survive.


  • 136 Pages
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  • Written as a Screenplay

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