A Friendship of Endurance

Summary Paragraph

A child psychologist and registered sexual offender team up to provide the reader with a view of the judicial and prison system from both sides of the barbed wire. This book describes the agonizing, frightening and frustrating journey of an unlikely pair—one a former minister convicted of an Internet juvenile sexual crime; the other a violence specialist and child psychologist. Through their journals the reader will follow these two life-long friends as they chronicle their experiences from the moment of one’s arrest to the day of his release, and how these experiences affect their twenty-year friendship. The reader will see how one learns to cope with a devastated reputation, how he survives as an inmate, and how he copes with the social dynamics of prison life and transitions from civilian, to defendant, to inmate, and finally to his re-adjustment to life as a probationer.

Table of Contents

-- Introduction
-- A Shattered World
-- Living with the Unknown
-- A Whole New World
-- Learning the System
-- The Lowest Common Denomenator
-- A Ray of Hope
-- Disappointment
-- The Final Move
-- Final Weeks
-- Starting Over

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