The Parenting Journey
From Conception Through The Teen Years

Summary Paragraph

A father of three and longtime child psychologist, Moffatt offers information on dozens of topics couples will face as they make the decision to conceive then take on the most challenging and rewarding role of their lives - parenthood. Each chapter is divided into psychological, social/emotional and physical developments at the stage being discussed. Topics range from deciding to conceive and potential problems to anticipating the developments and challenges for adolescents from age 13 to 18. Includes vignettes from Moffatt's private practice as a child therapist, from classrooms where he has taught at universities, and from his own personal experience as a father. An extensive bibliography is included to assist readers wanting additional information on a particular topic.

The emphasis is on the importance of commitment in parenting, and the need for parents to invest themselves thoughtfully in the raising of their children. Topics include the development of self-esteem, the importance of play, imaginary playmates, language development, teaching consequences and developing discipline.

Table of Contents

Part I
--Planning a Family: The Decision to Conceive or Adopt
--The Miracle of Life: Conception, Pregnancy, and Delivery

Part II
--First Weeks: Neonate and Infants
--I'll Do It Myself: Toddlers (Ages 1-3)

Part III
--Let Me Show You: Preschool (Ages 3-5)
--New Experiences: Early Childhood (Ages 5-8)
--The Last Days of Childhood: Middle Childhood (Ages 8-12)

Part IV
--Emerging Adults: Adolescence (Ages 13-18)
--Miscellaneous Topics
--Inspiration, Motivation, and Accountability



"Dr. Moffatt haw written a very insightful and comprehensive book on parenting. In an objective and common-sense manner he explores many subjects, some of which are not covered in the usual parenting book. "
-- John Potts, MD, Pediatrician

"Dr. Moffatt provides emotional support for parents facing the complexity of rearing children in our complicated society. This book is a comprehensive resource that is both practical and inspirational. It presents the wisdom of experience in a serious but caring manner."
-Trudy post Sprunk, Marriage and Family Therapist, Registered Play Therapist Supervisor

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