A Violent Heart
Understanding Aggressive Individuals

Summary Paragraph

Why are some people violent and aggressive while others are not? Where do these negative emotions and actions come from? What can be done to prevent dangerous behavior? Drawing upon years of research and experience as a therapist, lecturer, and consultant to law enforcement and business, Moffatt presents a broad perspective on the psychological and sociological roots of aggression. Using both case studies and theoretical constructs from several different fields, this work provides an overview of the diverse mix of factors that create individuals with a propensity to resort to violence. Topics include domestic violence, the violent child, mass murder, terrorism, serial killing, murder for hire, and hate crimes. Moffatt also details the growing phenomena of road rage, air rage, and sports rage.

Table of Contents

-- Introduction to Aggression
-- Teach Me To Fish: The Development of Aggression
-- Doli Incapax: Violence by Children
-- A Port in a Storm: Gang Violence
-- Till Death Do Us Part: Domestic Violence
-- Monsters Among Us: Serial Killers
-- Balance Due: Mass Murder
-- Impulsive Murder: Air Rage, Road Rage, Sports Rage
-- Murder for Hire: Hired Assassins, Organized Crime
-- Instructions from God: Hate Crimes
-- Unwrapping the Enigma: Homicide Investigation
-- Past, Present, and Future: Conclusion
-- Bibliography
-- Index


"Very enlightening, well-researched, and compelling... ...as timely as today's news broadcasts."
-- Dr. Bert Allen/Chair of Social Learning/Professor Psychology (Milligan College)

"A very practical book for people who want to learn about violent behavior."
-- John E. Otto/Former Acting Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation

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