Wounded Innocents and Fallen Angels
Child Abuse and Child Aggression

Summary Paragraph

Violence of any kind is hard for most people to understand, but crimes against children and crimes committed by children are perhaps the most difficult to comprehend. Child abuse and neglect is a problem with generational effects. Women, for example, who were sexually abused in childhood are more likely than non-abused women to be harsh with their children, withhold affection, or even accept the sexual abuse of their own children by a spouse or lover. Yet children are not always merely the victims of aggression. They also perpetrate violent crimes in the form of bullying, assault, and homicide, as well as crimes on property, such as vandalism. Moffatt addresses the two sides of this cycle of violence, including examples from clinical case studies and treatment options.

First, Moffatt details crimes against children, ranging from Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, sexual and physical abuse, neglect, filicide, and infanticide. Next, he addresses aggression committed by children against other people, property, and self, including self-mutilation and suicide. Written for both professional and lay audiences, counselors, teachers, psychologists, law enforcement, medical professionals, and therapists will all benefit from the psychological discussions about causes and effects of aggression.

Table of Contents

Part I
--Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy
--Physical/Emotional Abuse and Neglect
--Sexual Abuse
--Child Abduction
--Treating Victimized Children

Part II
--The Child Murderer
--Violence Against Self
--Sexual Assault by Children
--Treating Violent Children


"This book presents a thorough discussion of the causes, the symptoms, and the treatment of these children. The writing style is easily read and understood by the professional and by those interested in violent children or child victims. The book's broad appeal should prove to be a valuable resource for social workers, law enforcement, school counselors, child therapists, and others who work with child victims and violent children."
--Karla D. Carmichael/University of Alabama

"Dr. Moffatt's book is timely, comprehensive, and vital for anyone interested in understanding and helping children who are aggressive and/or abused. It is clearly written and includes engrossing stories that exemplify psychological theory."
--Trudy Post Sprunk/Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Registered Play Therapist Supervisor

"For parents, educators, and counselors, this book provides the context for understanding and working with the child as victim and the child as perpetrator. The cases presented will touch and tear at your heart. This is a valuable resource for information on prevention and treatment."
--Hilda R. Glazer/Dean, School of Psychology, Walden University

"This book will provide an excellent resource for clinicians who treat these children. Dr. Moffatt is able to capture our attention with the severity and magnitude of the problem of abuse, while also emphasizing the lifelong effects of even relatively minor abuse. He points out the necessity for careful, sensitive assessment of children and adolescents who present as possible victims or abusers."
--Lenora Allen, M.D./.Medical Director/ McIntosh Trail Mental Health

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